Updated BBQ Duty information


Juniors fundraising: BBQ duty: 8.30AM-11.30AM (Your team will be on court 3 or 4)
• Teams are required to provide sausages (around 48 is a good number), onions (a couple) and a couple of loaves of bread. You will be reimbursed by the club.
• BBQ keys are in the black poach & lighter in the Blue box in the kitchen (ask Home Supervisor)
• Open up the BBQ
• Juniors fridge: Sausages, bread, onions, sauces, drinks, chocolates, money box
• Corner kitchen cupboard: serviettes, paper towel, oil
• Bottom kitchen BBQ drawer: tongs, tools

• Close the burners and the gas bottle
• Clean the BBQ and tools
• Lock the BBQ: Put metal rods back into place and lock (long rod on the right; small rod on the left)
• Place all leftover food in the Juniors fridge (sauce, onions, drinks) or the general freezer (sausages/bread)
• Place money box in fridge
Thank you for your help!

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